Scrapping the Initial Plan

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Scrapping the Initial Plan

The initial vision in starting this piece, doesn’t add up to the completed painting. I occasionally feel so committed to an idea, that I forget to just let the full on creative process happen. If I do this – allow the concept to evolve, I can end up with ‘happy accidents’. The plan for Urban Experience started with the buildings reaching high into the sky – starting at the top corners of the canvas. But as I was happily painting away, the shadowy building in the background just kind of appeared. I didn’t even take the time to consider a new plan, I decided to just follow what the paint wanted to do and my instincts and go with it.

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"Inspired by the simplicity of every day scenes, I work to bring those items to their extreme through an expression of dramatic color and exaggerated light. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m surround by natural beauty but the depiction of landscapes and street scenes comes from an interpreted existence rather that precise physical locations."