Meet the Artist


An interview with Debra J Houston

By nature, I’m an introvert. In my earliest years some may have even called me shy. My interest in seeing things from the outside / people watching came early and my current expression of human interaction, is a way of ‘putting myself out there’ in a very personal way.

My work is an exploration of the human experience. I seek to create an abstracted visual interpretation of a feeling or moment and then intensify that idea through the interplay of dramatic color and exaggerated light.

The inspiration behind my work is an impassioned intrigue of people; their actions, movements and reactions to other people. Most often my work has an urban backdrop which is directly related to the idea or emotion in which I’m attempting to depict and throughout my process, I explore how color relationships can create, or even express a particular mood. 

When beginning each piece, I allow the paint and colors to move me. I don’t typically have a carefully mapped out plan, but rather just an idea or focal point that develops throughout the creation.

I try to remember that risk and uncertainty can be an artist’s friend, and to be open
to all possibilities. Often times getting lost, has surprising outcomes.

My goal as a visual artist is to evoke an emotional response and create a connection, with the intention of holding an unspoken dialogue with the viewer.
Recent work is done with both a pallet knife and a brush, which can provide intricate detail while still leaving a lot of room for interpretation.

I typically use acrylic paints and often mix my colors with a variety of mediums for texture and other visual effects. My work currently hangs in both private and corporate collections throughout The United States. 

It is my hope that you’ll spend some time looking through this site and that you’ll enjoy my

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