Two New Paintings

Typically when I’m experimenting with my work I try to think in pairs and paint two pieces similar in style, using the new technique. The last painting I wrote about was Following Strangers. This piece, along with Waiting on the Corner (below) have been all about texture. I’ve used a heavy acrylic medium to create volume and thickness within the paint – then have drug my new pallet knife through different parts of the scenes. The new knife is one of four that I purchased a few months back with unique edges, which enables me to create different looks.

The second piece shown, Village Streets, is a finger painting that I actually started months ago. I got side tracked on another piece, set it aside and recently picked it back up. These are colors that I typically use more in my landscape work but I enjoyed putting them to use in a street scene.

I actually have one additional piece completed but am unable to include it at this time. Outdoor Cafe will be part of the Spring Unveiling at DragonFire Gallery in Cannon Beach the first weekend in May. I’ll be able to include photos after the show.